What to Expect

                      • Partner
                      • Professional Advisor
                       • Professionalism
                       • Leadership
                       • Communications
                        • Resources
                        • Trust and Confidence
                        • Flexibility
                        • Quality Customer Service
• Partner - APM is  aware of their fiduciary responsibility to the Association and to do what is in the best interest of the Association. It is the same fiduciary responsibility that the Board of Directors has and is very unlike Contractors who have no obligation to act on behalf of anyone other than themselves. A fiduciary obligation represents the highest level of responsibility under the law. APM and the Board will be held to the same standard that applies to a guardian or person who has custodial care of someone else, or someone else’s money.
• Professional Advisor -APM will be a professional advisor to the Board on issues within their scope of knowledge and alerting the Board when consulting other professionals is prudent.  Our Managers are not lawyers, tax accountants, insurance agents, investment advisors or engineers. Our Manager should be thought of by the Board as the Association’s first line of defense in risk management. Soliciting the advice of professionals retained for that purpose can minimize the Associations risk exposure. Your professional team will include APM manager, legal counsel, auditor, insurance agent, investment advisor, contractors and other specialists called upon from time to time for specific circumstances and needs.
• Professionalism - APM and Board should conduct business in a professional manner.
APM will  be professionally credentialed. Accreditations and Affiliations with the industry related organizations as an indication of  APM's commitment to the industry. Expect professional demeanor, appearance and attitude from our management’s staff. Expect APM  manager and the staff to be mature, calm and thoughtful when interacting with the Board and homeowners and in their approach to problem solving.
We will work to keep meetings moving and on track by sticking to the agenda.  Encourage a positive exchange of ideas and diversity of opinion. Work to build consensus. Agree to disagree and attack issues not the homeowner that brought them forward. A little diplomacy goes a long way and the Board relationship with management often sets the tone for the rest of the Community.
• Leadership – APM will work with the Board to develop an annual work plan that provides clear direction to the management team and demonstrates strong leadership to the community. The Board of Directors and our  Manager represent the leadership of the community. They see the big picture and lead with a strategic plan! The board defines the objectives given the budget and resource limitations of the community while our management team develops an implementation of the plan and completion schedule. The process builds a consensus amaong Board members about community priorities and helps our  management team focus resources and staff time on the issures of greatest importance of the board.
The annual work plan provides a measure of performance and sense of accomplishment for our management team and the Board of Directors. Unpredictable events interrupt the best conceived plans so re-evaluate and adjust the plan periodically. Evaluating the successes and failures of the annual plan helps everyone to plan better in the future.
Leadership is also about setting an example for others. The Board and our Management team will be held to a very high standard by the community. We understand that our actions and demeanor will be seen by the membership and will reflect the community.
• Communications – APM will  establish and promote effective communications with the Board and between the community leaders and the membership.
• Resources APM is a valuable resource for quality goods and services. The needs of Associations are extraordinarily diverse. Although APM may not provide all services needed by a community they should have contacts, options and resources to obtain whatever services and goods the Association needs.
• Trust and Confidence – APM will protect privileged Association information and executive sessions confidentiality.
Flexibility – APM will be flexible and willing to revisit service levels as Board and Community needs dictate. The board needs to articulate what the manager is expected to do. We base bids on the scope of work provided by the board. The clearer and more comprehensive the scope of work is, the more likely it is that the service you receive will fit your association.
•Quality Customer Service –APM will  establish and maintain a high quality customer service program for the community.     Our Management team members shall be knowledgeable, approachable and responsive for a foundation of customer service. Sometimes APM is not judged on what it’s accomplished for the community but by the customer service provided to the association.