Homeowners Association Management Services
  • Property Inspections.
  • Develop specifications for annual contractor bids, and a timetable to obtain those contractor bids.
  • Review contract performance and make recommendations to Board of Directors.
  • Obtain contractor bids (in triplicate when necessary) for common areas, including but not limited to, landscaping, snow removal, pool maintenance, pond maintenance, fountain maintenance, irrigation system maintenance, signage, insurance and common area repairs.
  • Oversee annual contractors work and performance to ensure quality and completion of contracted work.  Keep Board updated on progress.
  • Billing and collection of HOA dues.  This includes preparation of statements.
  • Monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Mail delinquency notices and make reasonable attempt to collect delinquent dues.
  • Work with attorney as needed for collections of chronic delinquencies.
  • Pay all bills for HOA promptly on due date.
  • Maintain reserve fund for HOA.
  • Provide monthly financial reports to the Board, which includes, Balance sheet, Profit & Loss statement, delinquency list, bank reconciliations and reserve fund status.
  • Preparation of HOA Annual Budget for review and approval by board.
  • Work with CPA in preparing annual tax return, 1099’s and audit review.
  • Work with Board of Directors on enforcement of HOA Covenants and Restrictions.
  • Handle all homeowner phone calls with questions, concerns or suggestions pertaining to HOA.
  • Attend Quarterly Board of Directors meeting and present management report at each meeting.
  • Handle Architectural Review requests from Homeowners.  Submit to Board of Directors or Architectural Review Committee for approval.
  • Attend Annual Homeowners Meeting and notification of HOA annual meeting to all residents.  Assist Board in preparing handouts and election of new Board members.
  • Organize quarterly newsletter.  Cost of printing and delivery will not be included.
  • Maintain association files.
  • Prepare assessment request from Title companies for transfer of ownership.
  • Prepare and mail out package to all new homeowners.  Included is Welcome Letter and HOA Covenants and Restrictions.
  • Prompt call return for homeowners, Board, and vendors.
We recognize that Homeowner Association have different needs for their communities. We would be happy to discuss tailoring services to meet your community’s needs.
Developer Management Services
  • Sales meeting attendance
  • Assist with HOA reserve study
  • Preparation of HOA budget
  • Preparation of the HOA Reserve Contribution Requirement
  • Assistance with the selection of qualified and professional vendors.
  • Assistance with legal compliance for Board Meetings, Annual Membership Meetings and Elections
  • Assistance with understanding the fiduciary responsibilities owed to the Association
  • Initiation and Allocation tracking of capital assessments.
  • Facilitation of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) review process and submittals
  • Tracking and preparation of the HOA Common Area turnover and transition documentation
  • Assistance to promote a sense of community from first occupancy.
We recognize that Homeowner Association and Developers have different needs for their communities. We would be happy to discuss tailoring services to meet your community’s needs.