Homeowners Association Management Services
• Preparation of Annual Homeowners Association Budgets
• Billing and collection of HOA dues
• Obtain contractor bids
• Oversee contractors
• Payment of Homeowner Association bills
• Enforcement of Homeowners Associations Covenants and Restrictions
• HOA Property inspections
• Bonded management
• Maintain Homeowners Association files
• HOA Monthly Bank reconciliation
• Monthly Financials provided to the HOA Board
• Property update report provided to the HOA Board
• Prompt responses to Homeowners Association Residents and Board Members.
• Flexibility to customize solutions that meet your Homeowners Association needs
Developer Management Services
Sales meeting attendance
• Assist with HOA reserve study
• Preparation of HOA budget
• Preparation of the HOA Reserve Contribution Requirement
• Assistance with the selection of qualified and professional vendors.
• Assistance with legal compliance for  Board Meetings, Annual Membership Meetings and Elections
• Assistance with understanding the fiduciary responsibilities owed to the Association
• Initiation and Allocation tracking of capital assessments.
• Facilitation of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) review process and submittals
• Tracking and preparation of the HOA Common Area turnover and transition documentation
• Assistance to promote a sense of community from first occupancy.
We recognize that every Homeowner Association amd Developers have different needs for their communities. We would be happy to discuss tailoring services to meet your community’s needs